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TITAN HR - K8 Compliant Resistance

The Security bollard to protect your business, such as industrial, commercial and/or strategic permises, etc.

Main features

A very high-strength bollard, K8 compliant: Stops a 7,5T Heavy Goods Vehicle launched at 65 km/h.

  • Height (above ground): 800 mm
  • Diameter: 320 mm
  • Thickness: 20 mm
  • Power: 24V

Economic and Easy-to-Use (Commissioning & Maintenance).

Safe and Ecological: 100% Electrical & Silent.

Positive Security > In case of general power cut:

  1. The bollard holds in a high position and a battery system (CITINNOV patent) insures a continuity of service (operating cycles).
  2. The Control Logic, with a warning system working also on batteries, insures the alert notification.

Download Datasheet

Delivery EXW 6 weeks

According to your project(s) requirement(s), and with the objective to provide you the most convenient Protection Solution, another version of this bollard is available (with options):

TITAN (Automatic - 24V)

  • Height: 500 or 800 mm
  • Diameter: 354 mm
  • Thickness: 16 mm
  • Options: Type of crown, light bollard body, stainless steel covering, etc.

Download Datasheet