CITINNOV is a French designer and manufacturer, subsidiary of the industrial and services groups EUXIS and P&MCUBE, specialized in town-centre vehicles access control.

Its projects' commercial approach enables to offer tailor-made solutions with specific integrations, perfectly adjusting to the technological and functional environments of each customer.

Having a pool higher than 5000 installed automatic bollards, CITINNOV has become a leader SME in its market, maintaining economic and partnership relation with more than a third of the French local authorities.

The company enjoys more than 20 years of experience in this field of activity.

In response to the growing needs about Security, CITINNOV has designed a complete range of very low voltage electric security bollards, using many patented technological benefits.

  • BECO Bollards « Anti-Intrusion bollard »: fixed, manual, automatic
  • SUMO AB-R Bollards « K4 - Ram-raid protection bollard »: fixed, removable, manual, automatic
  • TITAN HR Bollards « K8 - High-security bollard »: automatic
  • DEFENDOR Bollards « K12 - Defense bollard »: automatic

Our assets

In order to improve the sites security level, all our automatic bollards can:

  • hold in a high position in case of general power cut, with a warning notification sent to the supervision tool;
  • ensure a continuity of service (many operating cycles can be insured) in case of general power cut, thanks to an uninterruptible power supply with batteries;
  • have a light-signalling device to improve its visibility and aesthetic appearance.

A global approach

In addition to the protection bollards, our engineers can study security global solutions with the Centinel or Milestone supervision softwares.

  • Access control
  • Anti-intrusion
  • CCTV
  • The Executive Management drives the company development in compliance with the ISO 9001 Quality standards, the ISO 14001 Environmental standards, while keeping a socially responsible approach. CITINNOV promotes a local supply chain network to keep a high-level of Quality and Reactivity about its exclusive French manufacturing.

  • The Sales Department is made up of experienced Business Managers and Assistant, able to do a technical and financial analysis of the customers' needs, to realize the projects' management and follow-up, in compliance with the procurement codes.

  • The Engineering Office ensures the new products' development and integration (mechanics, automatics, network, software), the necessary adjustments in a project process, the certified fitters' training and the after-sales technical support (hotline).

  • Our team of Versatile Technicians is in charge of the products' integration and the end-of-manufacturing tests in our factory, before ensuring their on-site commissioning and maintenance.